Monthly Energy Reports

June 2023 Energy Report

A lot happening this month but with a slow, steady and feminine energy helping us; and also the beautiful Summer Solstice.

May 2023 Energy Report

A time for reflection and a time that sees us getting used to so many energetic changes. May brings a lot going on in the sky but a lot of calm within. I hope you enjoy.

April 2023 Energy Report

April is a very expansive and transformational month with opportunities to heal wounds you felt you couldn’t heal, cut chords and realise the impact that doing your inner work consistently over the longterm will have on you and also on the planet. Listen below.

March 2023 Energy Report

March is being described as a power house month in 2023 and a significant turning point. I hope you enjoy this report by clicking the play button below 🙂

February 2023 Energy Report

January 2023 Energy Report

December 2022 Energy Report