Welcome to your first month here in The Tarot Membership and I can’t wait for us to get started!

This month we will be working with the energy of expansion, which is how we as a person can fulfill the expansive energy of our soul.  Our soul is more expansive than you can probably imagine. It is a light so bright and full of our past lives, deep energetic understanding of the universal elements, at one with source and greater and more vast than I could ever put into words.  Each of us arrive into this world with the potential to bring our soul’s expansive energy into every part of our lived experience…from how we think, what we intend for ourselves, how we feel, who are being and how much we can align to the truest parts of ourselves.

I chose this theme for July 2022 because there is a very expansive energy around us right now but during the month there will be a need for healing and boundaries to help us expand. I explain more about this in my Energy Report Audio below.

My wish for you this month is to even get a glimpse, if not more, into your expansive soul and how you can bring that into your daily life and future.

Here’s to a wonderful month ahead.  You will find all the materials for this month below.

Lots of love,


Audio Teachings

Click below to listen to a gentle teaching: Tapping into Your Expansive Energy. 

Click below to listen to a new teaching: Expanding with boundaries & Expanding during dark times.

Click below to listen to a new teaching: Expanding during new energies.

You will have received an email from me with the date you will receive your tarot reading by. Please check that email for details 🙂

I hope you enjoy this month’s energy report which will help you to gain insight into the energies that are surrounding us over the month of July, my intuitive sense of what is happening and also some help to navigate any energies that might be a little more difficult than usual.

To listen to and enjoy this month’s energy report please click the play button below. Thank you.

This month is all about expansion, healing and boundaries.  You can listen to the Energy Report above which explains more about this.  Due to the energy in July I felt it would be very important for us to do a powerful Grounding Ritual and Meditation this month.

You could do this ritual as often as you would like and perhaps listen to the meditation 1 or 2 times per week.

You can read how to do this month’s ritual below:

You can listen to ‘The Powerful Tree‘ Meditation Journey below by clicking the play button.

As this month’s Full Moon on the 13th July brings a potentially stagnant energy, where we need to be clear of our intentions and take responsibility for our thoughts, behaviours and actions I felt holding a Full Moon Ceremonial Gathering would be really appropriate.

This month we will delve deep at our gathering to honor ourselves and the expansion we are moving through currently. As part of this we will release fully anything that is constricting our expansion and look at how we can mind ourselves fully during this time.

This class will not be live but you can listen back anytime by clicking the link below.  I have sent a detailed email explaining everything. Thank you

Pour yourself a glass of water, a herbal tea or cup of cacao.

Bring paper, a pen and a favourite essential oil you like or a favourite scent you like for our ceremony.

If you cannot make the gathering, I will pop the replay audio link here the day after.

Really looking forward to connecting with you then!

Click the link below to listen to this powerful class:


New Moon Class

If you missed this beautiful gathering you can now listen to the audio recording below.  Please note there were some tech issues with the music from Spotify so the meditation at the end is done without music; and with just my voice.

Please wear something comfortable and set up a cosy space at home or in your room.

Bring water/herbal tea/cacao and a pen, paper, colouring pencils and a candle.

Listen back to the replay below:


WhatsApp Group

If you would like to join the WhatsApp as a way of keeping in touch with me and meeting the other members. Do let me know and I can add you 🙂

Here’s to a great month.

Caroline x