Welcome to your new month here at It’s Time For Spirituality.  I am really looking forward to connecting with you over the next four weeks as we get clear on what we truly believe in and what we have faith in.  We will drown out the noise of what others believe in and what might be trendy to believe in right now.  We set aside our cards, crystals and other tools and strip everything back to basics; to come to a place where the connection between yourself and something higher is so clear.  You may feel confused currently about what you do believe in, perhaps you don’t know at all or perhaps you do and you wish to strengthen that faith even more.  Wherever you are right now, this month will support you in connecting fully with your own voice and help you to remember that the most important thing to have faith in is yourself firstly.  We will be looking at our faith from a spiritual perspective, we will question the idea of seeking reassurance outside of ourselves and what really works for us and does not work for us, we will be covering how we can hand our power over to others or tools/things in an attempt to strengthen our faith, we will delve into making sure those people/things that help/support us on our spiritual path hold an energy of purity and authenticity, we will remember our inner voice and our inner knowing and our wonderful talents & gifts, we will look at what we put into our bodies to keep us clear and clean as we strengthen our faith in whatever it is we believe in and we will look at whether we are living from a kind and genuine place ourselves. The weekly teachings throughout this month will delve into this more and I wish for this month to help you find the things that work for you and that feel good to you.  It will be different for all of us but the one thing that is consistent in your life is yourself.  Ever present and ever knowing.

This month you can enjoy many supports below including new weekly short meditations to help you connect within more easily and quickly.  These will be added each week below under ‘Weekly Meditations’.

Here’s to a beautiful month ahead.

Caroline x

Every week I will add an Audio Teaching to this section.  I hope these will help you as move through this month’s topic.

Faith over Fear 

Tapping into Your Light & Cultivating Practices

What do you have faith in?

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Self-Belief | Reassurance | Stripping it all Back 

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*NEW* I am delighted to introduce new weekly Guided Meditations.  These will be added each week and will be about 5-7 minutes in length to help support you amidst the busyness of life.

The Candle of Faith – Guided Meditation

Your Powerful Light – Guided Meditation

Simply Breathe – Guided Meditation

The Pink Light of my Heart ~ Guided Meditation

This month I am delighted to read for you purely from my intuition.  This is how I read all the time anyway but my tarot cards are my security and safety net and as we work together this month to strip everything back, I wanted to set my cards aside and read for you from the purest connection to light energy.

Please fill out the form below and press the submit button by Monday 7th November and your readings will be sent to you by WhatsApp audio message by 14th November.

Intuitive Reading Submission is now closed. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy this month’s energy report which will help you to gain insight into the energies that are surrounding us over the month of November through my intuitive sense and also some help to navigate any energies that might be a little more difficult than usual. November is all about steadying the new foundations of your life, whilst going for what you want from a place of calmness.

Click the play buttons below to listen to the two audios.

As this month is all about stripping everything back and getting back to basics there is no ritual this month but I would ask you to take time to do one simple thing in its place.

Create a comfortable and cosy space for yourself.

Listen to the below Guided Meditation.

After the Guided Meditation take time to stand in front of a mirror and recall the moments you experienced during the meditation.

I hope you enjoy the simplicity but powerful energy of doing this.

Mirror of Faith – Guided Meditation

Join me this Thursday 3rd November at 8.30pm for a one hour class where we will blend Guided Meditation & Soul Inquiry to help balance the body, balance your system and feel good.

You can click on the Zoom link below on the night:

Topic: Guided Meditation & Soul Inquiry
Time: Nov 3, 2022 08:30 PM Dublin

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I am delighted to bring you another Masterclass that I feel will be helpful to many of you.

Creating & Building Your Business: Replay available below

This Masterclass is to support you if you have a business idea, are starting your new business or have a business and are ready to take it to the next level.

I will share my experience of running a business for the past 14 years, touch on many of the wonderful things I learned from my Postgraduate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (UCD) that I completed in 2018 and delve into how to have a business that is aligned to your true self, your passions, purpose, values and personal message.

This night will blend the practical elements of running a business with the personal aspects and uniqueness you bring to your business.

You can listen back to the replay below:

Join me for a gentle night on Thursday 24th November at 8.30pm where we will gather together in ceremony as I hold sacred space for you.

Zoom details are below to join on the night:

Topic: Ceremonial Gathering – ITFS
Time: Nov 24, 2022 08:30 PM Dublin

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