Welcome to a new month here at It’s Time For Me and this month as we begin on the path to look at our Fears, I want to support you as much as possible to acknowledge, understand and accept your fears so that you can release and heal them.  We all can get fearful at times and sometimes we can be in a constant place of fear leading to worry, stress and panic.  No matter what your fears are, know that you are not alone and that every one of us are impacted by our fears at different times.  My hope for you this month is to help you meet your fears so that they can stop having a triggering or worrying effect on your emotions and thoughts, as well as them manifesting in different ways through your life.  Our fears are great at making us self-sabotage, procrastinate, stay stuck or stagnant and not make the life changes we really desire. Our fears can also lead us to want to live up to people’s expectations of us and more particularly, can lead us to doing things we don’t want to, so that we can please others.  Like every month in It’s Time For Me as we navigate through deep topics, this month will be gentle as you take this healing path.  If anything too stressful comes up for you, please do feel free to reach out to me for extra support.  I look forward to all we will do together this month.  You can begin now by enjoying your first audio teaching and all the other beautiful supports below.

Every week I send you Audio Teachings by text on different days each week.  When you get your text, there will be a link in it to listen to your teachings.  Click the link and scroll down to this section, where you can listen and enjoy.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below:

15th April 2021 – You’ve Done so Well

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13th April 2021 – Your Next Step is the Best Step

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9th April 2021 – Moving through Fear

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6th April 2021 – Integrating and Transforming

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1st April 2021 – Procrastinating from Fear

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29th March 2021 – Give Yourself the Attention you Deserve 

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24th March 2021 – Overcoming Past Fears Can Help You Now

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22nd March 2021 ~ Life begins on the other side of Fear 

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18th March 2021 ~ Fears

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Please enjoy these brand new Guided Meditations I have recorded for you.  This month my meditations aim to help you come into your body, connect with your heart space and to cleanse your fears.

Take time to do these each week as they can help you reduce your stress and worry, as well as relax and unwind.

Press the ‘play button’ under each image to listen.  I hope you experience deep relaxation and connection to yourself when you are listening to them.

Adding morning rituals to the start of your day are a great way of creating time for yourself within a few minutes but these rituals also help to ground you and set you up for a balanced and calmer day.

This month you can do this ritual every morning before you get out of bed.

Creating an evening ritual is the perfect way to let go of the day and stresses that may have occurred. To allow yourself to release and breathe.

This month you can do this ritual every night before you go to bed.

I hope you enjoy this month’s in depth Soul Journal to help you navigate through your thoughts and accompany you while you take time for yourself this month.  I always suggest making a ritual out of the times you sit down to journal.

Make a date with yourself.  Pick a time and day now that you will devote to yourself.  Put it in your diary so you don’t forget.  Get cosy and comfortable in a quiet space, light a candle (safely), put on some gentle music and begin to journal.


Every month we join together online to connect, meditate, delve more into the teachings of the month and our Soul Journals. I also offer time to answer any questions you may have about this month’s topic.

Our Soul Gathering was on Sunday 28th March at 8.30pm.  If you missed it please click HERE