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Welcome to this month’s Clear Mind | Clean Body | Happy Life Bundle.

Imagine a space in time where you are sitting in stillness, you feel more connected to your body than ever, it feels nourished and nurtured….your mind feels at ease and calm and the connection you have to yourself is at its optimum….this is my hope for you.

As we begin a brand new month I am excited to cover this topic.  Firstly, just to say that this is not about dieting, nor is it about pretending or trying to feel positive all of the time.  This month’s teachings and supports will take you on a deep journey to clear your mind by delving in and discovering what your most prominent thought patterns are,  looking at the power that your mind has, opening up your intuition and bringing the mind back into balance.  This journey will also be bringing you into full connection with your body to discover where you are holding your stress, how is your physical body in terms of its well being and physical energy, looking at whether your respect of disrespect your body, understanding how trauma can stay in the body and small steps you can take to heal this.  I will be helping you connect both your body and mind so that you can see that they are not separate…..as an example, thoughts create emotions and emotions get stored in the body but emotions can also cause damage to the body.

Oftentimes we can forget that the body we are in is literally our temple.  We may be a soul in our body but our body feels and hears everything.  It hears the thoughts, it hears the fears and it has amazing powers to heal.   When we have a clear mind and our body is clean in terms of how we treat it, connect with it and mind it, we are in balance.  This brings an amazing foundation to our lives.  This is a fundamental key to living a peaceful and happy life.  But not only that, it is a fundamental key to creating space to receive the goodness life truly wants to bring us.

I don’t expect that within one month that everything will change for you in your mind and body but I would hope that you will have created some balance to help you keep going on this new and peaceful road ahead.

*Disclaimer:  I am not a medical, health or psychological professional.  All teachings are based on my experience as a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and from personal experiences.  If you are struggling with health or psychological issues, please do seek the advice and help from a professional in this area. If you do not know who to consult, please do let me know and I can provide the names of qualified organisations that can assist you or direct you to the right professional.  



Let’s get started on this wonderful month ahead.  We have all experienced so much over the past 6 months of the year and 2020 has definitely brought us some life altering changes and difficulties to deal with.  We are being pushed energetically and spiritually to evolve at a rapid pace now to navigate what this year has already brought and what the next decade will bring.  You owe it to yourself now to truly mind yourself and come back into balance.  I hope this month’s teachings and support will offer a piece of what can help you to do just that.


Every week I send you three Audio Teachings by text on different days each week.  When you get your text, there will be a link in it to listen to your teachings.  Click the link and scroll down to this section, where you can listen and enjoy.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below:


30th June 2020 – Creating Proper Space

Click below to listen to today’s audio teaching.


28th June 2020 – Self-Reflection 

I would love you to take time a few moments of stillness today and ask yourself these questions:

1. How are you feeling emotionally right now?
2. How is your mindset and head space?
3. How does your body feel?
4. Do you feel supported at this time?
5. How can you support yourself more?
6. What one thing can you do today to have a stronger self-care practice practice?


25th June 2020 – Your Feminine Energy Within

Click below to listen to today’s audio teaching. I hope you enjoy it ⭐


22nd June 2020 – Ask me Anything

Today you can text me with any questions you have and I will respond to you individually?


18th June 2020 – What Actions Inspire You?

Click below to listen to today’s audio teaching. I hope you enjoy it.


14th June 2020 – Feel It – Believe It ?

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10th June 2020 – Clearing Your Mind

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8th June 2020 – What feels good for you?

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4th June 2020 – Shake it Out

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You will have received your One Card Reading for the month of June on Friday.  I hope this has helped you and offered you some guidance for the month ahead.


Please enjoy two beautiful brand new Guided Meditations below.  I record these especially for all of you each month and I hope you enjoy them.  You can listen to them at any time and they are short to fit into your daily life and offer support in an easy and calm way.

Click the Audio Button under each video to listen.

Listen Below ~


Listen Below ~


I hope you enjoy this month’s in depth Soul Journal to help you navigate through your thoughts and accompany you while you take time for yourself this month.  I always suggest making a ritual out of the times you sit down to journal.  Make a date with yourself.  Pick a time and day now that you will devote to yourself.  Put it in your diary so you don’t forget.  Get cosy and comfortable in a quiet space, light a candle (safely), put on some gentle music and begin to journal.

Click this Link to Access  Mind and Body Soul Journal


Every month we join together online to connect, meditate, delve more into the teachings of the month and our Soul Journals.  I also offer time to answer any questions you may have about this month’s topic.

Our Soul Gathering was on Thursday 11th June 2020 at 9pm.  If you missed it and would like to listen back, please click the link below.  Thank you.