Inspired Action

Focusing on your Goals and Dreams can feel really exciting but when you have to take the steps to create or achieve them, it can feel overwhelming or daunting.

From my experience one of the best ways to create is by blending together your intuition, which always knows what is best for you and inspired action, which is action that feels good and enjoyable.

When we do something we enjoy, in a way that feels good and that is aligned to the right path for us, we create a nicer experience and offer ourselves more opportunity to feel motivated and uplifted.

If you missed this class on Monday 19th April, you can access the Class Replay by signing up below.

In this class we learned:

Choose goals that feel realistic and achieveable;

How taking inspired action will make your steps feel enjoyable and motivating;

Tune inwards and listen to your inner guidance – a simple technique on how to do this;

Visualisation practice to help you create and succeed in your goals and dreams;

Begin your path to setting a small goal for the month ahead and how to get started.

You will receive an Inspired Action Planner to help you on your path to creating and succeeding. 


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