Letting Go

You are so welcome to our brand new month here at It’s Time For Me and this month is going to offer you a beautiful and calming space to let go and release.  We read/hear often about how it is important to let go of thoughts, feelings, the past, situations, grief, relationships, jobs etc. but sometimes it can be hard to navigate through how to do that and to also really understand from a heart space and from the body about how to let go.  A lot of times we know in our mind that we would like to let go of something, we know it would be important for us and perhaps, we even know the time is right but when it comes to actually leaving something behind that hasn’t worked out for us, hasn’t happened at all for us, has caused us pain, worry and stress or that simply has run its course; that can feel more difficult to do.

This month we are going to begin letting go in many ways as we clear our environment, de-clutter our space, process what the body is carrying, understand how are mind is thinking and give ourselves permission to let go in whatever way is going to work best for us. You may need to go through a grieving process; and know that grief is not just set aside for losing a loved one.  You may need to have body work done to help release trauma or stress from within it.  You may need to set strong boundaries with yourself and others as you work through how to restart again in areas of your life.  You may need to get creative as you visualise and move towards creating your desires in place of that which you are letting go.

My wish for you is that I can support you this month to do this and as always, take the same steps you are in letting go.  It is quite interesting that I planned this topic a number of weeks ago and for the last 2 weeks my own path of letting go has become stronger than ever and it has honestly been so freeing!  It has taken a long time but coming out the other side of it I can share that it really is worth it to let go of the heavy weights of your mind, your thoughts, your feelings or situations.  It can elevate you to higher levels within and as a result, elevate your overall life.

I am looking forward to you joining me this month as we take another step forward in the evolution of self and welcome in the joyful life experiences that can be on the other side.

I wish you a lovely month ahead.

Caroline x

You can listen below to what this month will help you with as you begin your letting go process.

Take a moment before you begin this month’s topic to pause, breathe in and out deeply and ask yourself this question: ‘What am I ready to let go of’.

Every week I send you, by text message, two bite sized audio insights to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

18th October 2022 – We can finally let go

Click below to listen to this month’s final teaching and well done for getting to the end of this topic 💜

14th October 2022 – Distractions

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12th October 2022 – Irritation and Letting Go

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7th October 2022 – Mindset & Your Thought Processes

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6th October 2022 – Mindset, Routine & Letting Go

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30th September 2022 – Space for the Body

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26th September 2022 – Letting go from the body.

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23rd September 2022 – Clearing & Creating

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22nd September 2022 ~ Clearing your space

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I hope you enjoy a 3 minute reflection and 20 minute guided meditation journey to support you in letting go this month.

Letting Go Reflection 

The Lake of Freedom: A Guided Meditation Journey

I hope the journal this month helps you to release all your wish to let go of from your life, your body, your mind, your home and your energy.

Click the link below to download and enjoy:

Letting Go Journal

We joined together on Zoom for our monthly gathering on Thursday, 13th October 

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The Masterclass: Learn to Read Tarot, Angel & Oracle’s Cards is available below to watch.

This class will help you to use your own angel, oracle or tarot cards by connecting with your guides and also tuning into the messages you hear within, as I share my methods for reading and also the way I have taught others over the years to read from their intuition.

In this 1.5 hour class you will:

Clear your energy field;

Connect with your guides;

Connect with your intuition;

Understand and learn how to read from your intuition for yourself; as well as how to do a 3 card reading for a friends/family.

If you missed this class you can now watch the replay below.