Living Intentionally

I am delighted that we are starting this topic in December because what a lovely way to end the year by focusing on our values, beliefs and ideas so that we can align with them more and start living intentionally and from a place that truly feels good and right to us.

By delving into this topic over December, it allows us to start 2023 fresh, clear and ready for a wonderful year.

When we live intentionally being clear and sure of who we are, what we value, what we believe in; and our actions, thoughts and behaviours begin to reflect that, this is where really deep change can occur.

Imagine living in a place where you never felt unsure, compromised, guilty or doing things because you feel you ‘better’ or you ‘should’! That would be my greatest wish for you and I hope this month’s topic can be the starting point of living like that.

Each of you have chosen different options for the month, which will be available by clicking the option on your personal webpage/URL.  I hope those options help you over the course of this month.

Listen to a brief audio introduction below about this month:

Much love to you,

Caroline x