Manifesting Energy

Welcome to a new month here at It’s Time For Spirituality ~ The Energy of Manifesting. I am really excited for us to cover this over the coming month because it is a topic that has become really mainstream, which is wonderful, but as it has grown and been shared throughout many, many years its messaging has shifted slightly. Also, the new energies that started landing on the earth over the last 3 years have brought a new way of being with them, so it would make sense that something like manifesting, that works with the energy of spirit and the universe, could begin to alter.

Like many new waves of thinking and feeling, manifesting is one of those ideas that can actually make us feel worse in ourselves and this month I would love for us to look at manifesting from a new perspective and then for you to find the methods, ideology and thoughts that work best for you…as with everything, manifesting, is a really personal and individual process that has to be aligned to your own inner power. Manifesting is a beautiful process and one that should be sacred and nothing but enjoyable.

I would love for us to move away from the idea that:

~ If we think positively, then positive things will occur. Leading to the idea that if you don’t think positively it is therefore your fault when negative/bad things happen.

~ If we visualise something we truly want, we can make it happen and again, if that thing doesn’t happen we must not have visualised properly.

~ If we want to heal our bodies we must believe that we can and if we don’t heal our body is it possible it is also now our own fault?

I am a huge believer in positive thinking, visualisation, the mind-body connection and the power we hold within but I also know we are here in this life to experience things that help us grow and expand, that there are certain things that should we ‘get them’ won’t actually be good for us and that there is lovely spiritual and universal energy that supports us but what I have learned to not believe anymore is that I am at fault if I don’t make my life as perfect as I can. This is a toxic energy and one that can keep us more stagnant that before. Personally, I have learned the hard way regarding all of this and I want to support you to move beyond the limitations that this idea of manifesting can present.

Yes, positive thinking is a powerful way to tap into the source of your energy.

Yes, visualisation helps you to get clear on what you truly desire.

Yes, the mind-body connection is more powerful than we may even know…

but if we think we are failing at any stage because we can’t make something happen, then we are dishonoring ourselves, our life’s path and putting pressure on ourselves to believe we aren’t truly good enough.

Manifestation is a beautiful, flowing extension of who you really are.

If you imagine that your Soul is the biggest and greatest source of all of your potential…

that your Intuition is the voice of your Soul speaking to you…

and that your Creative Energy is the way in which you can bring your Soul from above/around you, through you and out of you, through all that you create, then you will never question if you are good enough, you will never wonder if something doesn’t work out does that mean it’s your fault and you will never stop yourself from creating because you are afraid of something bad happening. This is true manifestation.

Over the course of this month we will learn more about how we can approach manifesting differently and how we can get started on creating the life that we know in our hearts and intuition is calling to us.

This is a month to tap into your Soul and your Power more than you ever have before and I, for one, am very excited for us to do this and to take the journey with you all and get creating and manifesting.

I wish you a gorgeous month ahead and look forward to all we will do together.

Much love,

Caroline x

Every week I will add an Audio Teaching to this section about Manifesting as a way of helping you on the path to enjoying your own creative/manifesting process.

Manifesting for Your Highest Good – click below to listen to this week’s teaching.

Creative Visualisation – click below to listen to this week’s teaching.

Get clear on how you feel about what you wish to Manifest – click below to listen.

Preparing to Manifest ~ Click below to listen to and enjoy this week’s teaching.

Each month I send you a 10/15 minute Tarot Reading by voice note.

I would ask you to send me the questions/areas you would like me to look at for the month ahead no later than the 5th September, as I am away during the month and I want to have your readings to you by 9th September. Thanks.

If I do not hear from you I will assume you may not want your reading this month and that is no problem at all. 

I hope you enjoy this month’s energy report which will help you to gain insight into the energies that are surrounding us over the month of September, my intuitive sense of what is happening and also some help to navigate any energies that might be a little more difficult than usual. There is a lot of lighter energies to help us slow down and reflect this month.

To listen to and enjoy this month’s energy report please click the play button below. Thank you.

This month I have recorded a beautiful meditation to help you connect to the manifestation of life as you move towards your own path of co-creating.

Click below to listen to this gentle guided meditative journey. You can listen to this as often as you like over the coming month: 

The Field of Life

I hope you creating your own personal altar this month as part of your month ritual.

I am excited for us to do this really lovely ritual this month as creating your very own altar will offer you a space to create that manifesting energy. In ways your altar is also an extension of you and it will be a sacred and special place for connecting within and around you.

We joined together for a Manifesting Gathering on Wednesday 21st September at 8.30pm.

If you missed this gathering you can listen to the audio replay by clicking the link below.

You will need to create a sacred space for yourself/altar, have a glass of water and a notebook and pen.

Audio reply link for our gathering is below:

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