Masterclass Series

I am delighted to bring you this powerful Masterclass this Thursday, 18th May, from 8pm to 9.30pm (Irish time).

Our deepest relationship with spirit is between us and them; and it begins within by connecting to the parts of ourselves that hold our intuition and through this we can also begin to connect to the spiritual guides and team that have always been with us, supporting us and guiding us.

As part of our spiritual connection we have the ability to tap into our greatest ancestors that came before us and helped carve out pathways that lie ahead for us.

I have worked with spirit through all of the work that I do and find it so easy to connect to the spirit team of others. It wasn’t until I stopped pushing for answers, signs and guarantees from above and recognised that my spirit team and ancestors are actually connected to my own intuition from a place within me that I could connect easily with them for myself; and have a more flowing relationship with them.

I wanted to create a beautiful class with meditation, journaling and space to deepen your spiritual pathway, which is so personal to you.

In this Masterclass you will enjoy:

Part I – I will teach you how to connect with:

1. Your own spiritual guide.

2. Your Spiritual team.

3. Your ancestors.

You will then learn how to connect with them to seek guidance about what you need to know or support with issues you are having in life.

Part II – I will teach you how to connect with:

1. The part of your body that is intuitive.

2. How to hear your intuition.

3. How to listen to it.

Part III – I will teach you how to discern between what your head is telling us Vs what your spirit team and your intuition are telling you.

To draw a distinction between looking for signs in a forceful way; instead of allowing signs to show up naturally.

It would be lovely to create a comfortable space for yourself with a candle, oils and any other tools you like to use.

This is a deep relationship between yourself and your body; and yourself and your spiritual team.

This Masterclass takes place via Zoom on 18th May 2023 from 8pm to 9.30pm.

The cost of the Masterclass is: €25 

If you are a monthly member of It’s Time For Me you will receive this class free of charge as part of your membership.