Meditation Classes

I am delighted to bring you a very gentle, nurturing and relaxing guided meditation class where we will begin the journey back to ourselves – the lightest part of ourselves that we may have forgot. 


This class is a perfect way to have one whole hour to sit back or lie down and let me gently guide you through a gentle meditation.

This meditation is perfect for you if:

You have come through a difficult time recently and want to feel like yourself again.

Have made some significant life changes and are ready to embrace this new path you are creating in life.

Have been feeling overwhelmed, tired or burnt out and want to reset your energy by reconnecting to yourself.

You are ready to start looking after yourself and your needs.

Or, simply if you want to continue this lovely path back to remembering the true essence of who you are

Taking time for ourselves to relax, let go of worries and give our body space to re-energise is very important.  

Join me for this special class on:

Tuesday 14th June 2022: 9pm to 10pm

You can lie down in the comfort of your own home and be ready to unwind and tap into the energy of yourself.

You can safely light a candle and burn essential oils and I will guide you through a beautiful and powerful class.

If you would like to join this Meditation Class the cost is €15.00.

*If you are a monthly member of It’s Time For Me, this class is free for you. 

Please book below by making payment and I will be in touch with you to confirm your place and which date you would like to attend. 

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Caroline x

Book Your Meditation Class

If you are a monthly member this class is free for you. Please email me to book your place. Thank you.