Member Support

Welcome to your Member Support Page. Caroline and It’s Time For Me truly value and appreciate you as a member and want your experience to be as easy and as accessible as possible. We hope this page helps you to find the answers to questions you may have about accessing your content, classes, personal page, monthly payments or technical issues.

Should you still have any outstanding questions you can contact us directly through this page.

This space also offers you an opportunity to read through the pillars and community guidelines of It’s Time For Me that you agreed to when you joined.

Content – Personal URL/Page – Classes – Library – New Topics

1. Where do I access all the options I chose when I signed up?

All the content options you chose are available at all times on your personal url/webpage. This would have been sent to you via email after you signed up.

2. I want to attend a class but the details are not available on my personal page. Where can I find them?

(a) If you chose a particular class from the list of options below

  1. Monthly Guided Meditation Class
  2. Monthly Gathering
  3. Bi-monthly free Masterclass

your class times and dates will be available under each heading above on your personal page.

If the class heading is not listed, it could mean that you did not chose this as an option when you signed up.

(b) If you think you did sign up for it, please do contact Member Support below and we can check your original sign up form and the options you chose. If there was an error from our end, we will amend it straight away. If we can confirm from your sign up form that you did not choose this class option, we will let you know. If you wish, we can add this to your subscription and personal page for the relevant monthly fee.

3. I am not able to attend a class at the time and date it is on but I would still like to listen to it at another time. Is this possible?

Absolutely, the beauty of It’s Time For Me is giving you the support to access the content and classes in your own time. All classes are uploaded in audio format within 24 hours and you will be able to access it under that particular class heading on your personal page.

4. There is one particular class I would like to attend this month but I did not choose it and do not wish to attend it every month. Is there an option to attend?

Yes, of course, if you would like to attend a class in any given month, please contact Member Support below and we can send you a one-off payment link of €5.00 and email you the class details and a copy of the replay the following day. Please note any add-on classes will not be available on your personal page; they’ll only be available via email.

5. I would like to access content in the library but I cannot remember the password. What will I do?

The password for the library will always be emailed to you. It does change every 4 months so please check through your emails to look for your password and make a note of it. Please don’t worry if you cannot find it, please email Member Support below and we can send it to you.

6. How do I navigate the library and where do I find the most recent content.

The library lists every topic that has been covered since 2020. You can select on any image and be taken to that particular topic and all of its content.

From December 2022 when the personal pages and options were introduced, you will now find the topic introduction in the library BUT all the accompanying content will now be on your personal pages.

For example: In 2021 we did the topic of Ancestral Healing. You can click Ancestral Healing in the library and find all the content straight away.

In April 2023 we did the topic of Human Design. You can click Human Design in the library and listen to and read all about what the topic covers but then you will need to visit your personal page and you will find the accompanying content under each content heading you have chosen e.g. if you have chosen Monthly Journals you will find all the journals relating to each topic from December 2022 onwards there.

7. How do I get notified about each month’s new topic and content?

You will receive an email at the start of each month detailing the new topic for that month. At that stage, your personal page will also be updated with all the new monthly content. Please make sure to read this email in detail at the start of each month.

You will also receive regular emails throughout the month about content and classes. Please also make sure to read these emails in detail.

8. I cannot remember what personal options I chose when I filled out the sign up form. How do I find out what these are?

When you signed up there was an option you could click to have your sign up form and options emailed to you from Google. Please do not worry if you did not tick this or do not have the email. Please email Member Support below and they can send you a list of the options you have chosen.

Monthly Payments

1. How do the monthly payments operate?

The date that you click the subscription link you are emailed and set up your payment, is the date of your very first payment.

Your payment will be taken on this date every month for the duration of your time as a member of It’s Time For Me.

Payments are payable in advance of the month.

Payments can be made via credit/debit card and It’s Time For Me uses PayPal Subscriptions to process all payments. It’s Time For Me has no access to your card details or account details.

2. I have missed my monthly payment. What happens now?

Do not worry if you have missed your payment on the date it is due, PayPal will attempt to take your payment again on the 5th day after your original date and if that is also missed it will attempt to take your payment one final time on the 5th day after the second attempt.

If all 3 payment attempts from PayPal fail, at that stage your subscription will cancel automatically.

Again, please don’t worry, we can send you a new payment link and get you set up straight away.

We will let you know each time a payment attempt has been missed to give you ample time to credit your account with sufficient funds or add new card details if your card has expired. We do everything to avoid a subscription from cancelling. PayPal also email you to let you know payment attempts have missed, so please keep an eye on your junk/promotions/spam mail folders in your email.

Important: If you do not bring your payment up to date and the subscription cancels the full balance of your 12 monthly payments will be due.

3. My card details need to be updated as my card has expired but I do not know how to access PayPal to amend them. What can I do?

When you join It’s Time For Me you will receive an email from PayPal with your monthly subscription details. This email might go into your junk/promotions/spam folders in your email, so please check these. You will have the option through this email to log in and amend your card details.

If you cannot find this email or cannot remember your password to access PayPal, don’t worry. Please email Member Support below as soon as you can and we can cancel the current monthly payment and send you a brand new payment link to set up and that way you can add new details.

Please note that if this does happen, we have no ability to access your card details on PayPal so cannot do it for you. If we do send you a new payment link that will also change your monthly payment date to the date you set up the new payment. Finally, if there is a gap in dates between your old and new payment date there may be an outstanding balance that you will need to pay separately.

4. I would like to cancel or pause my subscription. How do I do this?

If you would like to take a break from It’s Time For Me (after your initial 12 month subscription has finished) and do intend to rejoin, you can simply pause by contacting Member Support below; we can pause your subscription for you and no payments will be taken again. Then, if you wish to rejoin within 6 months, we can restart your monthly payment and previous options you chose.

If you would like to cancel your subscription with It’s Time For Me (after your initial 12 month subscription has finished) you can simply contact Member Support below and we can do that for you. No more payments will be taken once your subscription is cancelled.

5. I would like to change my monthly payment date. How can I do this?

PayPal subscriptions do not allow date changes but don’t worry, we can cancel your current payment and send you a brand new payment link, which you can set up on the date you wish your payment to come out. Please note if there is a gap between your old and new payment dates there may be a balance outstanding that you will need to pay separately. You can contact Member Support below and we can organise this for you.

Annual Payment

When you sign up for It’s Time For Me annual payment you are paying for a full year in advance. You receive 12 months for the price of 11 months (one month free).

Once payment is made no refunds can be given and you will receive monthly subscription content for a period of 12 months.

If, in any given month, you wish to add additional options e.g. a class/journal/energy report/meditations you can do so by emailing Member Support for a payment link for a one off payment.

WhatsApp Group

1. I would like to join the private WhatsApp Group. How can I do this?

You would be very welcome to join the WhatsApp Group at any time, please contact Member Support below with your phone number and you will be added to the group. This is a lovely space for chatting, sharing and getting weekly updates on classes and content. There is no pressure to engage and you can pop in and out of conversation as often or as little as you like.

2. I am in the WhatsApp Group but I don’t use it and/or I don’t want to be in it anymore but I feel bad leaving. What can I do?

Please, never feel bad in any way if you want to leave the WhatsApp Groups. We are all inundated with calls, texts, emails and groups each day of the week. The WhatsApp Group is only a small percentage of the members. Please just contact Member Support below and we can remove you or you can leave the group yourself in the WhatsApp Group settings.

Alternatively, you can also mute notifications on the group and that way you won’t be notified of new messages but the group will still be there when you want it.

1. I would like to contact Caroline or It’s Time For Me. How do I do this?

Caroline and It’s Time For Me always love to hear from you and want to make your experience as enjoyable and as simple as possible.

To help with this, we have created ways in which to contact us.

Contacting Member Support

If you have questions about accessing content, classes, payments, the library, the WhatsApp group or any technical issues that are not answered above, please email our member support team below:

Contacting Caroline

If you want to reach out to Caroline during working hours to share personal experiences on the month’s topic, personal news or suggestions for new topics, your life story etc. please feel free to email her below:

Caroline is also available in the WhatsApp group during her working hours.

Caroline is not available for private WhatsApp messages, text messages or phone calls.

1. What are the guidelines of It’s Time For Me and how can I access a list of external supports I might need?

Caroline and It’s Time For Me want every member’s experience to feel safe, comfortable and supported.

A copy of the Pillars of It’s Time For Me; including community guidelines and external supports available to you are available to download below. You will have signed this document and returned it to me but you can revise them here at anytime.