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I feel this is such a perfect month for us to delve into our abundant selves and our own abundant energy and bring that forth in our lives this month, as we enter a month that feels gentle, calm, feminine and supportive. I am looking forward to supporting you all to find your own inner abundance and begin experiencing and creating the abundance that already exists in your life and bringing new abundance into your life.

I want your experience in the membership this month to feel light, fun and uplifting and hope that you will join me in supporting not just ourselves but each other to do this. When women join together we can really amplify and heighten strong powerful energies.

After the busyness of January, we now awaken from a deep foggy energy and start to progress this month and I want to help you each week to begin living abundantly and seeing your own fullest potential.

You can listen to a short introductory audio below to describe more about this month ahead and I can’t wait to hear about all the abundance you are creating.

Caroline x

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