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Every Full New Moon brings an opportunity to release and let go of all that needs to go. It is a very powerful time. This month’s Full Moon, which falls on July 4th 2020, is also marking the start of an energetic 6 months leading us right up until the 6th January 2021.  This is a time of great time on the planet and for all of us to collectively elevate.  This Full Moon also marks the beginning of 6 months of support to manifest our desires.


To celebrate this I wanted to create a special free class for you all on Monday 6th July at 9pm.


I really love bringing us all together to celebrate and harness strong energy like this, because when you take time to embrace this energy and we come together as a community, it makes it even more special.


I am creating a relaxing class which you can do from the comfort of your own home.  With your journal/notebook, a nice cup of tea/water, somewhere cosy to sit or lie.


Let’s Release | Manifest | Meditate. 


  We will join together and and set a clear intention of what energy we wish to tap into for the duration of the class. 

  I will then talk through some gentle teachings on the power of the energy at this time.

  You will do a beautiful Releasing Ritual using your Full Moon Journal, which I have created for you. 

Next you will get creative about all you wish to manifest.

  You will lie down and get comfortable as I guide you through a gentle and healing Guided Meditation.



If you would like to join me on this night, I would love to connect with you. You can book your place below.


The class takes place online via Zoom, where you can log onto your phone, tablet or computer to watch and listen to the class.


To book your place, sign up below.  You will then be brought to a new page where you will find the Zoom Details and also your Full Moon Workbook to download. 


Much love,

Caroline x


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