My Personal Energy

Welcome to a brand new month here at It’s Time For Me and I am excited for us to take time to appreciate, accept and acknowledge all the parts of ourselves that make us who we are; and not to feel that we need to change or do things differently.

This month you will leave aside your judgement of yourself, telling yourself all the things you ‘should’ do and instead embrace every piece of who you are and work with it to begin creating and achieving.

All of us want to create great things in life, achieve our goals and dreams and experience life in good ways and I believe the secret to that is to understand ourselves on a deeper level but also begin honoring ourselves each and every day; and work with our personal energy so that we can create and achieve in practical ways whilst being fully aligned with our true self.

Following on from last month’s wonderful month on Human Design and how we learned about how each of us are designed and our specific ways of decision making and intuition, this month we have a lighter month ahead that will be fun and interactive. An opportunity to see yourself clearly and work with your own personal energy so that you can begin creating life the way you wish it to be 🙂

This month we will be looking at:

How you process information.

Your personal mindset.

Your personal energy levels.

Your approach to life.

How you like to achieve and create/take action.

How you deal with your emotions.

How you respond to difficulties in life.

How fear affects you?

To get started, please download and/or print off the chart below that I have created for you. This will help you to identify aspects of yourself more clearly and then over the course of this month, through the weekly teachings/guidance and classes, you can start to honor these parts of yourself but more importantly, begin living through them 🙂

Next, please also listen to a short audio explaining a little more about the month.

Here’s to a wonderful month.

Caroline x

Your Personal Chart – Download/Print and fill out.

Introduction Audio for the month ahead. Click the play button below to listen.