Stepping into our New World

Since mid-2019 we have been very rapidly moving into new energies on the planet; energies that have not been here before. We are hearing about our ‘new world’, ‘new energies’, ‘new consciousness’ etc. but what does it actually mean and how can we move with these new energies and create this new world with awareness, healing and a deep sense of connection to ourselves?

Over the course of this very spiritual and powerful month I want to take you on a path into this new world. We are already in it right now but my hope is to help you to work more consciously with these new energies and integrate them into your daily life with more understanding and most importantly, more flow. You have probably got to the stage where nothing surprises you anymore. We are living in a world where things are being uncovered every day, things are changing rapidly, there seems to be more atrocities happening all at once and in our personal lives we have been challenged in many ways, intensely, over the last few years. There have always been personal challenges, atrocities and changes in life but between 2020 and 2030 the planet is making a major shift where there things are more present more often and we cannot turn a blind eye to our personal challenges and the struggles of the world anymore. We have to face these, even when it feels easier to avoid them. We cannot continue to run away from ourselves anymore.

When we face them and gently begin to show up for ourselves by honoring who we are, delving into our healing and having big shifts in our own life where we move from self sacrifice into experiencing the sweetness, richness and simplicity of life that is where we begin to meet these new energies, work with these new energies, raise our consciousness, heighten our awareness, shift our perspective and in turn, impact the world.

Over the course of this month I will guide you through:

The energy the planet is going through currently and up until 2030.

Acknowledging how far you’ve come since mid-2019 when things began shifting. 

The critical importance of personal responsibility, self-value and living as yourself.

Understanding the impact of the new energy on us individually and collectively. 

How to integrate this new energy into your every day life.

The importance of being consciously aware of your inner self and your healing.

How you can make this process more of a flow experience rather than a challenging one.

Your intentions on a deeper level for how you wish to live now and in the future in alignment with your values.

You can listen to an audio from me below explaining more about this month and how it can support you in a positive way and then get started with all the guidance, classes and meditations on your personal membership pages from July 3rd.

Much love to you,

Caroline x

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