Get Notified When New Content is Added

To make your membership experience easier to access I have three ways that you can get notified when new content is added.

Please follow the instructions below and note that these instructions must be done on your mobile phone to receive the notifications directly to it.

New WhatsApp Channel

This is not a WhatsApp Group – just a notification service.

Step 1: Make sure you have WhatsApp on your Phone

Step 2: Click HERE on your phone.

Step 3: The It’s Time For Me Channel tab will then open and you should then hit ‘Follow’. (Screenshot below)

Step 4: Should you wish to get notifications from the It’s Time For Me Channel, you must click on the bell button at the top of your screen. (Screenshot below). When the bell is unclicked you are ready to receive notifications. (Screenshot below).

Step 5: Make sure you allow notifications for the WhatsApp App in the settings on your mobile phone.

Step 6: When notifications are sent out they will appear on your phone and you can also access them on the updates section of your WhatsApp. (Screenshot below).

Push Notifications Direct to your Mobile Phone

*Please note that not all phones are compatible with this option.*

Step 1: If the Notification Bar appears on your screen above please click the ‘Allow’ Button. (Screenshot below)

Step 2: Make sure notifications for your browers e.g. Chrome/Firefox/Internet are allowed on your mobile phone.

Step 3: When I send out a reminder it will appear on the notifications of your phone and you can scroll down on your phone to receive them. (Screenshot attached).

If you do not receive notifications after these steps then your phone is not compatible.

Email Notifications

I will send out notifications from my email to yours when new content is added.

If you would like it to appear as a notification on your phone, like the screenshot below, please allow notifications on your phone for your email provider e.g. gmail/yahoo/hotmail etc.