Overthinking & The Head Center

Our mind is where inspiration and ideas begin, where creations are formed, where questions are asked, where problems are solved, where deeper meanings are queried and where we process mentally – our minds are powerful and wonderful.

Sometimes our minds process information in great ways and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes our past experiences, our memories, our fears and our expectations and desires take centre stage and the mind becomes overwhelmed, under pressure and confused; and this can lead to overthinking.

We all do it – some of us more often than others – but we all overthink at times, particularly when we seek deep meaningful answers, feel stuck or worried and also when we really wish and want for something in life.

This month in It’s Time For Me I am really excited to blend my guidance and coaching on overthinking, along with your specific human design. Helping you to understand how your unique design affects your thinking, questioning and processes and giving you ways to minimise the impact this may be having on you at all times or at particular times in your life.

To get started you will need to get your Bodygraph (which is available on my human design website via the Free Chart & Report HERE)

You will see a sample bodygraph below and the area circled pink is the Head Centre, which we will be focusing on throughout this month. All of ours will look different. Yours may be white like mine or it may be coloured in. The numbers in the head centre may be circled and coloured in or they may be like mine and not circles or coloured in. Don’t worry, I will explain everything about your specific design to you throughout the month.

This month I want to guide you to understand yourself more and why you think how you do, accept and love this part of yourself and learn practical ways to work with your design so that you can ease overwhelm and pressure in the mind; and use your mind to empower you and inspire you. Enjoy all of your monthly options on your personal page to support you over the next few weeks.

Have a quick listen below to a short audio from me about this month:

Much love to you,

Caroline x