My Path & Purpose

You are so very welcome to a new month in the membership and I hope that this month helps you to; find your new pathway, to restart your pathway or to continue expanding and growing your current path; and as you do this, to get in touch more deeply with your purpose and what you are here to do in this lifetime.  I feel last month’s topic of Manifesting Energy has created a lovely foundation for us to put our steps into action as we move in the direction of where we truly want to go.

We hear a lot about our path and particularly, our purpose and often it can feel pressureful.  You might not know what your purpose is.  You might know what your purpose is but are struggling to move towards it or align with it.  You might be moving along well with your purpose but wish to experience it on a greater level.  No matter where you are right now, your path and your purpose, similar to your manifesting energy, are within you right now.  My hope for you this month is to feel into it with a knowing and an understanding that is greater than what you have experienced before.

I feel in the few short months we have joined together in this membership that we are all elevating at quite a rapid level and this is wonderful. Whether you see it in your life or not, know that it is happening under the surface and your greatness is full of possibility, excitement and readiness.

During this month we will discover many ways of finding our path, bring to light our purpose and have a gentle roadmap of what routes and steps will work best for us so that we never lose sight of who we are and what is meant for us.

One of the reasons many of us can feel lost at times is because we don’t feel like we are living as we would like or doing what we would like. We can feel this feeling so often it becomes normal so we just get on with it; but one day we get tired from living like this and seek to make a change…that’s when the abundant energy begins to show up and all we need to do is follow our inner voice and inner knowing.  I hope to help you with that this month.

Much love to you,

Caroline x

Every week I will add an Audio Teaching to this section about Your Path & Your Purpose to support you in aligning with both.

The Winding Path of my Purpose : Click the play button below to listen to this teaching.

I would ask you to send me the questions/areas you would like me to look at for the month ahead by filling in the form below.  This will make it easier for me to keep track of everyone’s questions. Thank you.

I will send your readings to you by 14th October, please send your questions to me no later than the 10th October.

If I do not hear from you I will assume you may not want your reading this month and that is no problem at all. 

I hope you enjoy this month’s energy report which will help you to gain insight into the energies that are surrounding us over the month of October through my intuitive sense and also some help to navigate any energies that might be a little more difficult than usual. October is all about grounding, planning and action. 

To listen to and enjoy this month’s energy report please click the play button below. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy this very special Moon Water Ritual.

I would suggest doing this on the Full Moon night of the 9th October

(or the 3 nights following that date).

Enjoy this gentle Guided Meditation to support you over the month of October as you move towards or expand your path and your purpose.

Simply Be ~ Guided Meditation

This month we have a lovely New Moon on 25th October and also a solar eclipse.  As the energy of this New Moon can inspire deep change within I thought it was a beautiful night to join together.

Seeds of Intention

I would like this gathering to feel really special so I would invite you on that night to bring a small pot for a plant with soil in it, as well as some seeds, as we will physically be planting seeds of intentions.  If you have a garden you could choose a plant that can grow outside and if you have no garden you could choose a plant that can grow inside.

Soul Inquiry 

We will be doing Soul Inquiry work that night as well, so please bring a pen and paper with you and wear something comfortable.

You can join on the night by clicking the Zoom link below:

Topic: Seeds of Intentions & Soul Inquiry
Time: Oct 25, 2022 08:30 PM Dublin

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 823 0322 9154

I am excited for us to join together for a beautiful Masterclass on reading cards and using your intuition on Tuesday 18th October at 8.30pm.  This class is open to the public as a paid class but as you are a member of It’s Time For Spirituality you can avail of the class for free.

This class will help you to use your own angel, oracle or tarot cards by connecting with your guides and also tuning into the messages you hear within, as I share my methods for reading and also the way I have taught others over the years to read from their intuition.

In this 1.5 hour class you will:

Clear your energy field;

Connect with your guides;

Connect with your intuition;

Understand and learn how to read each card from your intuition;

Learn how to do a 3 card reading for a friends/family.

I will also share with you my methods on how I read.

Please let me know if you are attending this class.

You can join on the night by clicking the Zoom link below:

Topic: Masterclass: Learn to Read Oracle, Angel or Tarot Cards
Time: Oct 18, 2022 08:30 PM Dublin

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 7812 9689

If you would like to join the WhatsApp group to get reminders of classes, receive the audio teachings directly to your phone each week, to chat and meet other members please do let me know and I can add you.