Welcome to this month’s New Moon which falls in the sign of Pisces.  Every new moon is an opportunity to begin afresh, set intentions, plant the seeds of all you wish to create but as this lands in the water sign of pisces it can bring up emotions for you.  This doesn’t feel challenging, it brings a cleansing energy with it.  This new moon also invites you to go deep into your intuition and you may also feel a more dreamy like state where you are floating with this energy.  The next few days offer you a space to let go of the practical and connect with your dreams, wishes and hopes.

To help you cleanse your emotional body during this time, I have created a very gentle water based ritual for you.  I also have a Cleansing and Healing Guided Meditation for you to listen to on your path.

This new moon energy will last for 3 nights so you can do these at any time over these next few days.

If you would like to enjoy both the ritual and guided meditation to help you, please sign up for below and you will be taken straight to all your supports.  


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