Self-Belief & Trust

Welcome to a deep and reflective month here at It’s Time For Me as we navigate through the topic of Self-belief and Trust. Both self-belief and trust can be two of the harder things to feel in our lives and often that is because they are quite tied together. If we believed in ourselves we would trust ourselves, our instincts, our intuition and our decisions…and that would lead us to trust that life supports us.  If we trust life and the universe to look after us we would have a calmness within knowing all will be okay and this would lead us to believe more in ourselves…and also, more importantly, it would lead us to know that life will unfold as and when it should and once we honor ourselves the best things can show up for us.

This month we are going to delve deep within to get very clear on our self-belief, self-worth and self-value and understand how we really feel about ourselves and how this is impacting us in our everyday life; and no matter what level our self-belief is at we will look to increase it and deepen it. All of us are here for a strong life purpose and when we are living as our whole self, which means with a strong self-belief, that is where real change can happen and more importantly, where we start to experience life in the way we feel aligned to and the way we want to.

We will uncover why our self-belief is where it is: How our past has shaped this, how our environment, both past and present, impacts our self-belief and we will understand how to fundamentally accept who we are, where we are currently in life and move towards loving all parts of ourselves.

As we progress through the month we will also be looking at Trust ~ another really important element of life. Acknowledging how often and how much we actually trust ourselves, our inner voice and our decisions. We will look at how a lack of trust in ourselves, others and in life can lead to many blocks, difficulties and a feeling that we aren’t living a full life experience and we aren’t living fully within ourselves.

Let’s make this a month where we offer ourselves the space to clear and heal; and to open our minds and souls up to a new way of living and being. We can be ourselves with a foundation of self-belief and trust.

I am really looking forward to all we will do this month and if you have any questions throughout the month, please do email me or pop your question into the WhatsApp group.

Have a beautiful month ahead.

Caroline x