13th April 2020 – Self-care Practice Day4

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12th April 2020 – Self-care Practice Day3

Please take time to journal and answer the questions below, to help you.

Today, I would like you to take out a piece of paper and journal on the following:

1. I am ready now for a new self-care practice because…..

2. I promise to commit to my new self-care practice because….

3. The things I will do in my new self-care practice are…..

4. The things I love about myself are…..


11th April 2020 – Self-care Practice Day2

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10th April 2020 – Self-care Practice Day1

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3rd April 2020 – Check in with Yourself

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30th March 2020 – Be Gentle

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26th March 2020 – How is your Body Feeling?

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23rd March 2020 – Self Care is the Answer

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Well what a turn of events we are experiencing in the world at the moment.  My plan for this month’s theme was to be Elevate and Thrive.  I have spent the past number of days changing this to the theme ‘Self-Care in Adversity’.  Thank you to the member who suggested this.

I could feel something was brewing for months.  My dreams and visions in meditations were so strong but I couldn’t understand them…now they all make sense.  I know that this is a really crazy time, not just fear of this virus but fear for our jobs, our businesses, our loved ones, our finances and so much more.  Every aspect of life is changing BUT this is a good thing.  I know it may not feel like that but it really is.  This is the time for you to become connected to yourself like never before.  This is the time for you to thrive.  This is the time for you to improve your self-care and your well being.  This is a time of amazing change but we have to make sure we use this time wisely.  This month at It’s Time For Me we are going to go very deep into minding ourselves during this time of adversity and also allowing our lives to thrive in the process.  Remember, we just spent the past month focusing on how to keep progressing in life during the cycles of life.  We know how to get through this and we know how to mind ourselves, we just have to tap into it.

Below are some resources to help you during this month.  I would highly encourage you to listen to the meditations but in particular, use your soul journal.  You can print it out or type into it (it is in word format).  This soul journal is a much bigger one than previous months and it will really help you navigate through the coming weeks but allow your mind to clear.

As always if you need any help or want to get in touch with me, please do email me or text me and I am here  



Weekly Audio Teachings

You will enjoy your audio teachings here and these will help you to mind yourself and move forward during this month.



One Card Reading

I will text you your one card reading on Friday 20th March.  If you have not sent me your preference of a Tarot, Angel or Oracle Card, I will be choosing an Angel Card for you this month.


Guided Meditations

Please enjoy these two new and gentle Meditations to help you this month. You can press the play button under each image below.










Soul Journal

Please enjoy this month’s soul journal.  It is a combination of journaling and planning for your month ahead, helping you to add structure to your day in these extraordinary times.

Click the blue link to access: Self-Care in Adversity – Soul Journal




Monthly Soul Gathering

Join me on Thursday 26th March at 9pm for our monthly Soul Gathering live and online.



Wishing you a good month ahead!  We will all get through this together and come out of it stronger, happier and we will view life in the beautiful ways we are meant to.


Much love,

Caroline x




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