Wishing you a wonderful and happy July.  I am delighted for us to work with our Mind, Body and Spirit this month as we take a deep dive into the 3 elements that make us who we are, how we can connect these 3 elements and the wonderful energy that can be created within and in our lives when we connect to all three.  I have added an audio below to explain this month and all the lovely things we will work through. I really hope you enjoy this month 🙂

Listen below to what this month will entail…


For the past few months we have set a goal for our month ahead.  This month I thought it would be nice for us to set an intention.  This can be something you wish to create; a feeling, a knowing or something new or it can be something you would like to enjoy in your life.

My intention for the month ahead is to Treat Myself Kindly….what will yours be?


Every week I send you, by text message, 2 or 3 bitesize Teachings/Lessons in audio format each week to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below from Monday 5th July

30th July 2021 – Your Soul is Grateful to You

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28th July 2021 – Creating Space for the Mind

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26th July 2021 – In Alignment with your Soul’s help

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23rd July 2021 – Gratitude for the Mind Body Soul Connection 

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20th July 2021 – The Mind and Your Flow of Life

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14th July 2021 – Rest

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12th July 2021 – Creating Space Within Your Body

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7th July 2021 – What You Desire vs What Your Soul Desires

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5th July 2021 – Your Soul

Please enjoy this indepth teaching by clicking the ‘play button’ below.

This month I am offering you the opportunity to ask me a question and I will be using Angel Cards to answer your question.  Please send me your question by email or text.

You will then receive a voice note on WhatsApp with your reading and this will be with you by Thursday 15th July.

Thank you and I really hope you enjoy it.


Listen below to two brand new Guided Meditations I have recorded for you…




Please enjoy this month’s Soul Journal by clicking the link below.

Body Mind Spirit Journal 2021


Every month we join together online to connect, meditate, delve more into the teachings of the month and work through our Journals. I also offer time to answer any questions you may have about this month’s topic.

Our next Monthly Gathering is on Sunday 18th July at 9pm.

If you missed Sunday’s Class you can enjoy the audio replay by clicking the link below:



Some of the books I would recommend to help you with what we will cover this month are:

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav:  This is a wonderful book about the Soul and purpose.  It is a long read and you’ll need to be alert when reading it 🙂

Heal by Kelly Noonan Gores (this is also available as a documentary on Amazon Prime): A beautiful book sharing stories of the body, mind and spirit connection as a way of healing the body.

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer:  This book offers a great perspective on our thought and how thoughts can be changed.