Stepping into the unknown with ease…

Welcome to this brand new month here at It’s Time For Me and I think with Autumn coming in now that it would be the perfect time to blend a feeling of resetting our energy and taking our next steps…often our next steps, however, are steps into the unknown.  We have a plan of how we would like things to pan out or the outcome/result we are wishing for but we cannot always be sure of where our path will lead us.  This can make us feel apprehensive, excited but anxious and sometimes even fearful. We all wish to move forward and progress but sometimes it isn’t as easy as we would hope; whether that’s due to our mindset, our emotions or because we simply don’t even know what steps will take us in the direction we want to go.

So, this month, we will uplift our energy by refocusing but in a way that makes our next steps feel attainable and also in a way that allows us to trust our path even when we don’t know how that will turn out.  Often, life actually wants our path to turn out better than what we can imagine (despite it feeling quite the opposite at times) and when we move into a space that opens up the energy of progression and trust, it can change so much.

We aren’t going to rely purely on trusting our path this month though; we are going to be very active in our approach but in a way that does not bring more pressure onto us.

I also believe we often are never full ready, confident, self assured etc to take our next steps but this month we are going to do our best to prepare to take those steps and then to actually take the steps.

During the first few weeks we will move into our preparatory time….

We will look at ‘Your Why?’  Why do you wish to take these steps? What is your motivating factor and why do you feel it will benefit you.

Next, we will look at moving into alignment with ‘Your Why’ and make sure that the direction you wish to go in is in fact aligned to what you truly desire for yourself as opposed to taking steps because you feel you have to or should.

As we progress through the month we will look at our mindset and how we can gain fresh perspective and approach things in a different, kinder and easier way.

We will get clear on the steps we feel we are able for.  Whilst we have to definitely push ourselves at times there’s no point trying to do something you simply cannot do or that would ultimately set you back.

As we finish the month we will start to look outside our comfort zone and how this can help us with our next steps, even if we don’t feel fully ready.

I think this will be a great month! Full of new ideas, a fresh approach and new ways of looking at things!

I would love you to listen to a short audio below telling you more about this month ahead 🙂

Much love to you,

Caroline x

Click below to listen to more about this month…

Before you begin this month’s topic it would be lovely to take a moment to stop now.

Inhale and exhale deeply for 3 breaths.

Ask yourself…”Why do I want to take my next steps?” and see what comes up.  Don’t judge your thoughts just sit with what comes up for a minute or two.

Every week I send you, by text message, two bite sized audio insights to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

16th September 2022 – Inspired Action & Inspired Steps

Click below to listen to the last teaching of this month.

12th September 2022 – Step out of your comfort zone

Click below to listen to today’s teaching as we begin our final week of this topic.

8th September 2022 – How you feel & think

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6th September 2022 – Your Outlook on Life

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2nd September 2022 – Get Clear on your Next Steps

Click the play button below to listen.

30th August 2022 – Aligning with your why always

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26th August 2022 – Why is it ‘Your Why’

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24th August 2022 ~ Your ‘Why’

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I really hope you enjoy a Meditative Journey to help you take your next steps and a Reflection to support your future. It could be nice to listen to the reflection once a week and see if your answers change as you move through the month.

Press the play button beneath each one and enjoy.

Steps through the Sand – Guided Meditation Journey

Reflection: My future

I hope you enjoy this month’s intuitive guidance through a mini reading.

I will create 3 bundles of cards for you to choose from and I will send you the link to access these on 1st September 2022.

I have created a journal for you this month that will help you specifically around 3 main aspects we will focus on this month: Your Why – Alignment – Mindset.

Click below to open and download your journal:

Your Journal

We gathered together on Zoom on Wednesday 7th September for a lovely night.

If you missed the gathering you can listen back at the link below. You will need a paper and pen during the gathering.

The link to listen back is below: