Surrender & Trust

Welcome to this month’s new topic: Surrender and Trust. So many of you expressed a deep interest in doing this topic and it is one that I feel we can all relate to. You can read and listen to what we will cover over the next 4 weeks below.

Surrendering is not Giving Up and my hope is to help you to understand this on a deeper level over the coming weeks and to move into the energy of surrender which actually feels light and empowering, whilst giving up can feel disappointing and sad. One of the biggest differences between surrender and giving up is Trust and I understand wholeheartedly how we can all struggle with the trust piece of life – when there is no tangible evidence nor guarantees and we have to take our next steps with faith that all will be okay. At times this will seems like a big ask for us to do, especially when the outcome we desire is of great importance to us, whether that be emotional, physical or both.

I remember over the years always wanting to feel in my body the energy of what surrendering really felt like. How could I get myself there? How could others do it and I felt really unable to. I could cognitively understand the idea of it but never really felt it in my body – whilst trying to convince myself I felt it in my mind; and would push away negative thoughts, doubts and worries telling myself I had surrendered. That is where surrender and trust actually begins – in the body. The mind/ego will always have a story to tell us but it is in the body where we will know whether we truly feel something with ease or not.

I feel this is one topic that I have had an intimate relationship with and I hope that I can help you to move into a place of surrender and trust (which is not always easy – and that is okay).

Surrendering is multi-layered. It is not a formula. It is not a step-by-step process. It is an embodied feeling with many elements to it.

Then, when you have surrendered we move to the Trust piece, which can bring the greater challenges with it. As I mentioned a moment ago – how do we trust something that we have no factual evidence will work out or be okay; and I guess the answer is we will never get that evidence. Life is a series of small steps, literally putting one foot in front of the other and seeing where we are led.

This month we will look at the practical elements of surrender and trust from working with our inner voice/intuition, increasing our self-care and healing from within as these things all help. [I would also highly recommend implementing your Human Design Strategy and Inner Authority during this month to help with this].

We will then work with the embodied elements of surrender and trust where we will feel so deeply into our body and feel so deeply into living as ourselves through the experience of embodiment.

One sure way to surrender and trust is to begin living as yourself – this again, is not easy. Even when we are doing it we are always met with questions from the mind, guilt, old habits etc that want to stop us. Again, this is okay and this is normal.

How do we accept that life will bring us exactly what it is meant to without us trying to manipulate the energy, force things, push for things and that when we are fully in our bodies and fully in ourselves the most wonderful things can actually show up for us – these may be different to our plans and often, they can be better than our plans.

How can we take the part or parts of our life that we struggle to surrender and trust in; and see the journey it has taken us on? Has it made us stronger? Has it made us realise just how valuable we are? There’s always something to take from this journey.

How can we be okay if our deepest desires don’t happen in the way we think they should?

Over this month we will work through all of these parts and I hope that you can give yourself permission to not give up on yourself or your dreams but to know you will feel better and more at peace when you let them go in this moment and simply focus on being well right now.

You can listen to a short audio with some more on what we will do this month below:

You can also listen to a podcast I was a guest on in May 2023 where I share my own path to surrendering below: