Thrive in Business


We are living in extraordinary times right now and among all the worry and fear, so many of us who are self-employed have had to close our businesses or move our work online.  This is daunting!


I really feel drawn to helping you with this.  If you are self-employed and finding yourself extremely lost and confused, I want to offer you an Online Class that I really hope will help inspire you and get your mind thinking about great ideas that you can create now to enhance your business and move with the changes we are faced with right now.


I have been self-employed for 10 years and started my business in the midst of a recession after I became redundant from my job in law.  After completing my Degree in Commerce, I started on the path of studying to be a lawyer.  I was always drawn to the holistic world and began working with clients on a part time basis but when I lost my job, I took the opportunity to create a new business.  I had no experience but I had motivation…..from adversity comes strength.  I used to teach Start Your Own Holistic Business Courses, as many clients venturing out on their own asked me to create this course and through my Coaching Practice I have helped clients develop their businesses.

Through the years I created many services and have thankfully had good success.  It has not been easy though!  A few years ago I created my membership idea of It’s Time For Me and after coming 3rd in the County Finals of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur in 2016, I went on to study a Postgraduate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise in 2018.


I would love to take all my experience and help you thrive now!


Recessions create the most amazing businesses.

Times of stress can create the best solutions.

Your business has a solution to a need right now….you just need to find that out.


Join me for this 3 hour class, where we will:

Look at your current business and it’s format.

Discover ways to create products or services that can be brought into the online market.

Find solutions to your current client’s problems.

Delve into creating a positive mindset, free from fear.

Create a structured plan on how to implement this.

Have the opportunity to learn from each other at the class.

Get ready to keep going and experience great success!


This class will take place next Tuesday 24th March from 1pm to 4pm.


I am not charging for the class but I would suggest a donation to the class, whatever you can afford at this time.


You will receive a workbook in advance of the class, which you will use during the class as you work through each part of your business.


To book your place, you can make a small donation below (no pressure on the amount) and I will confirm your place.


Thank you and here’s to your success!


Caroline xxx