Time to Change Live Class

Join me on Thursday 22nd June at 9pm for a 

Live Class to Delve into ALL the Reasons why we cant make Changes & How to Change this Effectively.

An in depth & real discussion, class & Q&A


There are so many useful tools available to us to help us to make the changes we want but somehow the days, weeks, months and even years go by and nothing changes.


In this really in depth class, we are going to explore


Why we don’t really want the changes we say we do.    

Why we actually procrastinate on making changes.            T

Why we don’t think it is possible for us to make changes.

Why our environments can be holding us back.

Where to start when we don’t know how to begin make changes. 

How to make long-lasting changes

Gain Instant Benefits & Long Lasting Results (This is not a “quick-fix”)


I have worked hard for years on making changes and have achieved some wonderful things and yet, can get stuck with other things and I have found the above factors to be key to overcoming my blocks and excuses to make changes.


If you are ready to actually, truly make changes and need to some help, this class is perfect for you!




 Join me on Thursday 22nd June at 9pm for a 40 minute class live via Zoom which you can access through an App on your Phone/Tablet or through your PC.  You will need to download it beforehand.


This class is completely FREE for everyone but you will need to book a place, as spots are limited.


To book your place, sign up below

*Please note: If you cannot make the class, please let me know so that everyone gets a chance to attend. Thank you.

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