Value Yourself & Achieve Goals

Welcome to this brand new month ‘Valuing Yourself and Achieving Your Goals’.  I wanted to blend both of these topics together because my belief is that when we value ourselves and truly understand our worth anything is possible.  Often when we set about to achieve our goals we get our plan in place, we write out what we want to achieve and we set about with our action steps (all of this is really good) but something that we can forget about is how we truly feel about ourselves under the surface.  We can achieve a lot of things we put our mind to but the difference between short lived achievement and long term happiness and success can be down to whether or not we see our value and believe fully in ourselves.  This can be a hard thing to do.  We can create and say affirmations to help us change our mindset into believing in ourselves, we can give ourselves reasons why we are worthy and why we should value ourselves but when there are core issues beneath the surface, perhaps from childhood, from difficult past experiences, from pain and from trauma, we really have to get to the root of these things so that we can experience and feel our self worth.

This month I will take you on a path to look more deeply into your self worth, your value and your belief in yourself. To delve into the core reasons you may struggle with this and to gently support you in looking at yourself from a new perspective, gaining insight into what you may need to heal and more importantly, I hope to help you to see how special, important and wonderful you truly are!  I do not expect that in one month you will change everything but I definitely hope it will be a positive start.

Along with this we will be uplifting our energy by getting focused on all we want to create this year and letting our imagination and creativity have space to help us dream big!

As you believe in yourself more and more, your goals and dreams will seem more possible and at the very least, you will have the confidence to go in the direction of your dreams.

I would suggest that you get a notebook for the year ahead and use this each month for the topics we will be covering.  This will be very helpful for you to refer back to when you need it. 

I am really looking forward to all we will do this month.  As always, if you find that difficult issues come to the surface for you at any time, please do reach out to me and I can suggest other supports, such as counselling, body work, etc that might be helpful.

You can listen below to a short audio on what we will cover this month.

Much love,

Caroline x

Click the play button below to listen to a short audio about what we will be covering this month.

Take a moment now to stop and think about what you hope to gain from this month, what you hope to learn and what one goal would you like to achieve around valuing yourself? It could be as gentle as ‘I would like to start the process of valuing myself’.

Every week I send you, by text message, 2 or 3 bitesize Teachings/Lessons in audio format each week to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below.

Friday 28th January – Who would you be without this…?

Click below to listen to today’s final teaching of this month’s topic.

Monday 24th January – You are valued and appreciated by others

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

Friday 21st January – Start Achieving Your Goals & Dreams

Click below to listen and enjoy ?

Tuesday 18th January – How True to Yourself are You?

Thursday 13th January – Delving into Your Value

Click below to listen and enjoy.

Tuesday 11th January – Undervaluing Yourself and Being Undervalued

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

Friday 7th January – How your belief affects your goals

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Wednesday 5th January ~ Do you believe in yourself? (Exercise)

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This month I will be doing readings from oracle cards, combined with my intuition. I will be focusing in on the energy that will surround you in 2022 and I hope you enjoy it.

You will receive a voice note on WhatsApp with your reading and this will be with you by 25th January 2022.

Listen below to two brand new beautiful Guided Healing Meditations I have recorded for you to help you this month.  I really hope you enjoy these meditations as they are gentle, beautiful and soft.

Journey into your Light – Guided Meditation

Experience Beauty & Create Your Dreams – Guided Meditation

Enjoy this month’s Soul Journal by clicking the link below.

Take time for yourself over the next month to sit in a quiet and comfortable space and let your pen flow on the paper without judging your thoughts or feelings. Giving yourself this time allows you to connect with your higher self/soul and hear what it has to say.

Valuing Yourself Journal 2022

Our Monthly Soul Circle was held on Sunday 9th January at 8.30pm (Irish time).

If you missed this class you can listen back to the replay HERE

The first hour of the class is teachings and journaling and at 57:11 minutes you will hear the Guided Meditation we did.

If you missed this workshop on Saturday 15th January 2022 you can now listen back to the audio replay below.

Click the below link to listen and enjoy.

The book I would recommend this month, which I am also reading, is:

Your One Wild and Precious Life by Dr. Maureen Gaffney