Weekly Guidance

22nd September – Use Your Defined Energy to Overcome Your Undefined Energy

21st September 2023 – Use Your Strengths in all Areas of Your Life

15th September 2023 – Noticing Your Repeating Patterns

11th September 2023 – How to Use Your Human Design

8th September 2023 – Defined & Undefined Centers (Your strengths & vulnerabilities)

4th September 2023 – Let’s Begin

31st August 2023- When Trying becomes Pushing

25th August 2023 – Challenge Your Vulnerabilities

23rd August 2023 – This Time You Can Choose Yourself

18th August 2023 – Are you ready for fun?

16th August 2023 – Develop a Relationship with Trust

11th August 2023 – When Surrendering Feels Uncomfortable & Hard

10th August 2023 – Listen Deeply to Yourself

4th August 2023 – Start Surrendering to Yourself First

1st August 2023 – Your Personal Path to Surrender & Trust

28th July 2023 – Can you feel the Divine?

26th July 2023 – Co-Creating

21st July 2023 – New World Guided Exercise: Part 2

20th July 2023 – New World Guided Exercise: Part 1

14th July 2023 – Embodiment and Feeling in Flow

12th July 2023 – Personal Responsibility & Your Positive Impact

6th July 2023 ~ Energies of Our New World

3rd July 2023 ~ Who were you in mid-2019 and how far have you come?

29th June 2023 – Integrate all you’ve done and all you’ve learned this month.

23rd June 2023 – Are you making decisions and actions from your Shame?

21st June 2023 – How shame can affect your body and physical energy.

15th June 2023 – How you can project your shame onto others.

13th June 2023 – Be proud of everything you are doing.

9th June 2023 – A Life Without Shame

8th June 2023 – Separating Your Personal Identity from Your Shame

2nd June 2023 ~ The Impact of Shame on Your Life

1st June 2023 ~ Name Your Shame & Family Shame

26th May 2023 – Can You Accept Yourself?

24th May 2023 – Do You Integrate Your Knowledge & Awareness?

19th May 2023 – Your Physical Energy & Your Energy Body

18th May 2023 – Step Fully into Your personal Power

12th May 2023 – Your Approach to Living

10th May 2023 – Dealing with Your Emotions

5th May 2023 – How you take in information, how you like to communicate and how you like others to communicate with you; and the benefit of honoring this when it comes to learning, creating and achieving your goals. If we take in information and communicate in ways that feel good to us energetically, we offer ourselves the opportunity to integrate many things into our life in a better way and also to express ourselves in a way that feels comfortable to us.

2nd May 2023 – Affirming & Accepting: ‘I am’

28th April 2023 – Your BodyGraph & Vulnerable Aspects of Yourself

  1. Please listen to the intro audio below.
  2. Next, please look at the image of the bodygraph.
  3. Finally, please listen to the audios that relate to the parts of your chart that are in white.

Introduction – Listen to First

Next, look at the Graph Below










27th April 2023 – Create Your Life Strategy

20th April 2023 – Your Definition

Please look up your Definition on your Human Design Chart.

Then, listen to the Introduction below first and next, listen to your specific Definition below.

Introduction – Listen to First

Single Definition

Split Definition

Triple Split Definition

Quadruple Split Definition

No Definition

18th April 2023 – Your Profile

Please find your profile number listed on your chart. It will be two numbers e.g 3/5, 1/3, 6/2 etc.

Next, please listen to introduction first and then listen to the numbers that make up your profile.

Introduction – Listen to First

Number 1 (Line 1) The Investigator

Number 2 (Line 2) The Hermit

Number 3 (Line 3) The Martyr

Number 4 (Line 4) The Opportunist

Number 5 (Line 5) – The Heretic

Number 6 (Line 6) The Role Model

14th April 2023 – Your Strategy

Please listen to the short Intro below first and then listen to your specific Strategy listed on your personal chart.


Wait for the Invitation (Projectors)

To Respond (Generators & Manifesting Generators)

To Inform (Manifestors)

Wait a Lunar Cycle (Reflectors)

11th April 2023 – Your Inner Authority

Today’s guidance will help you learn your personal way of making decisions and what part of the body you can tap into to help you do this.

Please listen to the short Intro below first and then listen to your specific Inner Authority listed on your personal chart.

Intro – listen to this audio first

Next, listen to your specific Inner Authority audio below (this is found on your personal chart)

Emotional – Emotional Solar Plexus Authority

Sacral Authority

Splenic Authority

Ego / Ego Manifested Authority

Self-Projected Authority

Mental Authority / Environmental Authority

Lunar Authority

6th April 2023 – Your Specific Human Design Type

For today’s guidance please listen to the short Intro below first and then listen to the audio for your specific type that is on your Human Design Chart (details of which are in the email sent to you on April 3rd and in the in depth explanatory audio on your personal page).

Intro – Listen to First

Next, please click on your Type below and listen to an in depth audio about it.


Manifesting Generator




3rd April 2023 – Let’s Create Your Chart

31st March 2023 – Your Strength & Resilience

28th March 2023 – Time for Reflection

24th March 2023 – Living life the way you need & want to.

22nd March 2023 – When you want to give up…please don’t.

17th March 2023 – Trust (Part 2)

16th March 2023 – Trust (Part 1)

10th March 2023 – Let’s Get Honest & Go Deep

8th March 2023 – Holding Yourself Back

3rd March 2023 – Self-belief in some areas but not in others

1st March 2023 – Your self-belief and trust

24th February 2023 – How much energy do you need?

22nd February 2023 – Your Inner Power

17th February 2023 – Create Something Abundant

15th February 2023 – Work with who you are

10th February 2023 – Abundance Exercise 2

9th February 2023 – Abundance Exercise 1

3rd February 2023 – Using Your Abundant Energy

1st February 2023 ~ Are you bringing your abundant energy to your life?

27th January 2023 – It is Possible

24th January 2023 – Reflecting

20th January 2023 – The How

18th January 2023 – How to Make Changes

13th January 2023 – Disrupt the Subconscious & Thrive

11th January 2023 – Are you ready to disrupt

6th January 2023 ~ How will I make it different?

3rd January 2023 ~ How would I like it to be different?

30th December 2022 – There are two teachings below to listen to as we finiah off this year.

23rd December 2022 – Your Shadow Side

21st December 2022 – Pressure – Gut Feelings

16th December 2022 – You can change your life with ease and simplicity

13th December 2022 – What would your life be like if you lived intentionally…even sometimes?

9th December 2022 – Why your core belief can challenge you

6th December 2022 – Why are your values and beliefs important

2nd December 2022 – Your Values & Beliefs