Weekly Meditations

Enjoy these weekly meditations that are short in length to help you fit them into your day easily. Check back here every week for a new meditation.

Your Inner Sanctuary (Guided Meditation – week of the 18th September)

Your Auric Light (Guided Meditation – week of the 11th September)

You are Meant to Be Here (Guided Meditation)

Music: Moonlight Dreams by Megan Woofon

Let go – Just Be (Guided Meditation)

The Voice of Trust (Guided Meditation)

The Waves of Surrender (Guided Meditation)

The Vibration of Sound & Music (Guided Meditation)

Move to the Rhythm of the New Energies (Guided Meditation)

Crossing the Threshold (Guided Meditation)

Your New World (Guided Meditation)

[Music by Wah! – Healing: A Vibrational Exchange]

Heart and Intuition (Guided Meditation)

Wild Flowers of Protection (Guided Meditation)

The Flow of Nature (Guided Meditation)

Self-Acceptance during Stillness (Guided Meditation)

The Rose of You – A Pathway to Your Personal Power (Guided Meditation) 🌹

Nourishing Your Inner Child – Guided Meditation

Replenish & Rebalance – Guided Meditation

Supporting my Whole Self – Guided Meditation

My Body in Flow – Guided Meditation

Your Sacral Chakra – Guided Meditation

Up Among the Clouds – Guided Meditation

My True Heart – Guided Meditation

Your Light Source – Guided Meditation

The Colour of Creativity – Guided Meditation

Your Abundant Self – Guided Meditation

The Harbour of Potential – Guided Meditation

Drift Away – Guided Meditation

Flow & Calm – Guided Meditation

Tranquility – Guided Meditation

The Sands of Intention – Guided Meditation