Your Intuition

Welcome to a new month here in The Tarot Membership.  This month I am really excited to cover the topic ‘Your Intuition’.  Each of us has a deep intuitive voice and knowing within us. Often, we hear our intuition speak to us or we sense/know things without fact or reason.  This is our Soul speaking to us…the part of us which understands everything that is truly right for us and that we are aligned to.  Many of us, however, doubt our intuitive voice. We doubt those gut feelings that we get and can actually go in the opposite direction.  This can be because of fear, not trusting life/ourselves or feeling we are not actually supported by spirit or the universe.

The world we are now living in is really asking us all to come fully into alignment with ourselves, to show up as ourselves and for ourselves as we navigate through rapidly changing energy and as we try to embody newer waves of energy that have not been experienced on earth before. We are also being asked to deepen our intuition so that we can begin to live from a place of deep knowing and we can begin to trust ourselves.

This feels to be very important because to help the planet shift into a higher vibration and evolving consciousness all of us individually are being called to be exactly who we came here to be.  As I always say, the world is not in the state it is in now because everyone is happy and living from a healed space…the world is in the state it is now because of the pain, trauma and suffering people are experiencing – leading to frustration, anger and a disconnect to themselves.

Our intuition can not only help us realign and reconnect with ourselves but it can lead us on a path of healing, growth and in turn, on a path where we live from an expanded place and completely in tune with ourselves. This means that when difficulties arise, when painful things happen we have the tools to cope, the strength and resilience to keep going and the power to rise out of these situations in a better way than we have before.

This month we will delve into our intuitive selves and watch how things unfold as we learn how to hear our intuitive voice, begin to understand what it wants us to know and how to live from a place where we rely on our own inner guidance that will never lead us astray. We actually all have the answers to every question/decision/choice in our lives we just can’t hear it fully! I hope by the end of this month you will be on your path to connecting with Your Intuition.

Much love to you,

Caroline x

Every week I will add an Audio Teaching to this section about Your Intuition as a way of helping you on the path to connecting with your higher intuitive self.

Being Passive – Trusting – Surrendering – Giving Up – Click below to listen.

Alignment – Sacred Moments – “Results” – Click to listen to this teaching below.

Intuition Starts in the Body – Click below to listen.

Intuitive Signs & Mangos – Click below to listen.

Each month I send you a 15/20 minute Tarot Reading by voice note.

I would ask you to send me your questions/areas you would like me to look at for the month ahead by the 6th/7th August. I aim to have all readings to you by the 15th of August.

If I do not hear from you I will assume you may not want your reading this month. That is no problem at all 🙂

I hope you enjoy this month’s energy report which will help you to gain insight into the energies that are surrounding us over the month of August, my intuitive sense of what is happening and also some help to navigate any energies that might be a little more difficult than usual.

To listen to and enjoy this month’s energy report please click the play button below. Thank you.

Due to the energies we will be experiencing this month I feel it would be lovely to do a Ritual and Meditation called ‘Aligning to Yourself‘.

Click below to listen to this gentle guided meditative journey. You can listen to this as often as you like over the coming month: 

Read below for the ritual:

This month we  joined together on Zoom on Wednesday, 24th August for our Uranus Retrograde Gathering.

If you missed this you can listen back below.

You will need: Stones/Pebbles, Paper & Pen, Bowl of Water and Paints/Markers for this gathering.

To listen back to the replay of this class, please click the link below:

We joined together on Zoom on Tuesday August 2nd from 9pm to 10pm where I guided us through a really gentle and lovely meditative journey to help you connect with the expansiveness of your soul energy and bring more of that energy into your body and your life.

If you missed this class you can listen to the audio replay by clicking the link below:

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