Persevering Through Difficult Times & Finding Your Joy: An Interview with Jenny Peterson

It's Time For Me
It's Time For Me
Persevering Through Difficult Times & Finding Your Joy: An Interview with Jenny Peterson

Jenny shares her deep wisdom with me about how she has met challenging & dark times in her life with joy after she was left quadriplegic at age 17. She shares so much that will help you in your own life. Read more about Jenny & her work HERE

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In this episode Jenny shares so much with us:

Jenny’s darker moments and pulling herself out of those.

The deep connection and trust with her service dog that helped her connect to her own soul, soul purpose and understanding her intuitive and empathic part.

Transcending beyond her physical limitations towards a strong zest for life.

What we can do when life gets very dark so that we can keep going.

The level of choice each of us have, even in our darker moments.

Offering grace, kindness and compassion towards ourselves and the importance of feeling all our emotions – especially the difficult ones.

Letting ourselves have bad days. Knowing the hard times so we can appreciate the good times.

“Trying to be Happy”: Happiness is hard work and how emotional understanding and joy can help us.

How her experience has helped her in her work to sit with others who are experiencing difficult times.

How are darker times show us our true selves and the great wisdom that comes from within.

Reframing our limiting beliefs and what is possible for each of us.

By following her joy back to her love of horses changed her life and led her towards the deep work she does in coaching others, her writing and art.

How she transcends beyond her physical and connects with who she really is; and finds the zest for life and joy for life.

The importance of being around even one person who can share your vision and tell you that it is possible.

Taking one day at a time and seeing the value in the small steps.

The difficulties that Jennifer faces each day, the feelings of sadness and grief that will always be present; and how she allows herself to be with those feelings and overwhelm.

The need for support from others and the practices and tools Jennifer uses to keep her in the present.

We are not meant to do things alone. The need for connection and support.

How to connect back to the source of ourselves by balancing the good and bad times.

The negativity bias and why we are hardwired to think negatively and go to our worst case scenario.

We can create new neuro pathways for joy and creativity when we actively seek it out. How this can bring us back into balance.

The spike of dopamine you get in small doses of materialistic gains; which don’t lost. How to understand what truly brings you joy that deeply connects with the core of who you are.

Being content but not complacent. Continuing to challenge ourselves to keep moving forward and try something new and courageous.

Focusing on your dreams and getting as close to what our dreams can be. For example: you might not be an Olympian in a sport you love but you can still enjoy it and compete.

Getting to know what brings you joy and making time for that – even within a very busy life.

I hope you enjoy all of what Jenny shared with me today.

Caroline x

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