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21st May 2020 – What did you do?

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15th May 2020 – Hand it Back

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13th May 2020 – The Power of Feeling Good

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11th May 2020 – Let’s Heal & Remove Blocks

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4th May 2020 – What can you do today?

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28th April 2020 – Devotion to Yourself

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Your Monthly Bundle 

Welcome to a lovely new month here at It’s Time For Me….the month where you will begin to Thrive and Elevate.  What comes to mind when you read these two words?  How would you feel if you were thriving and elevating?

In many ways, it feels right now that we went to bed one night and woke up the next day in a completely different and new world!  On a deeper level, that is in fact what has happened.  As we remember our lives just a short few months ago, they were completely different.  Everything has and is changing and we are being asked to change with it.  It feels like we got not notice of this and it has been thrown at us out of nowhere but we have had a lot of notice.  Think of your own personal healing that has been taking place since 2012, think of the hardships you have endured, think of the lessons you have learned and more particularly, think of the lessons you keep repeating and resist changing.  These are the keys to your new world.  This can feel uncomfortable and scary but it can also be exciting and expansive.  Imagine that a door has just opened and it is giving you access to all those feelings, experiences and desires that you have wished for and dreamed of….  This is what stands before you now.  You are experiencing a rebirth.  This isn’t easy in many ways, if you envisage the labour pains a woman experiences when giving birth, we as a planet are going through those pains now.  The wonderful news is, however, is that if you embrace this time but more importantly, embrace your true self, your fullest potential, align with your purpose and become devoted to stepping into yourself, you will begin to see the magic that life is trying to offer you.

You may not feel ready for all of this but you are ready.  The fact you are reading this shows that.  The willingness to engage in these teachings propels you into an energetic space where deep change can occur.

Often times we hear the phrase ‘life your best life’ and in a lot of ways, this has become a little cliché.  What we will be doing this month will encompass a whole lot more than this.  We are reaching the depths of our soul now. We are stepping up and committing to thriving and elevating, not just to experience the richness of life for ourselves but to ultimately serve and help the world, in any way that feels good.

This month I want to commit to you, to help you embrace yourself, love yourself and start truly living as you should be.  No more excuses, no more repetitive patterns, no more beating yourself up….this is a month of flow, love, joy and expansion.

Much love,

Caroline x




Each week at the top of the page, you will find your new Audio Teachings to help you on your path this month.



I really hope you enjoy your One Card Angel/Tarot Reading.  Your personal reading will be sent to you by text message.




I have created and recorded two brand new Guided Meditations for you to listen to and enjoy throughout the month.  You will find each one below.









I hope you enjoy this month’s Soul Journal, which is best enjoyed by creating a quiet and comfortable space for yourself, light a candle and play some gentle music as you sit and allow yourself to connect inward and journal.

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Thrive & Elevate Soul Journal



Once during the month we gather together for a beautiful 1.5 hour class online via Zoom, whereby I connect with you even more, offer Guided Meditation, chats and work through some more teachings and your journals.

This month’s Soul Gathering is on Thursday 8th May at 8.30pm.  Please let me know if you would like to join. Thank you.




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